Proprietary Advanced Technologies Platform

Altra Health Inc. has established multiple proprietary platforms and is pursuing the development and application of these technologies to several high value pharmaceutical products. These innovative drug delivery technology platforms consist of:

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Oil Emulsification Technology

Oil Emulsification technology focuses on enhancement of the dissolution and bioavailability of poorly water-soluble molecules. Altra Health Inc. uses nature sourced ingredients and developed proprietary technology to a wide range of candidates.


Encapsulation Technology

Encapsulation technology enables controlled and sustained release, protection of molecules from degradation and targeted drug delivery. Encapsulation processes can be used with biomolecules, small molecules, water soluble or insoluble molecules to make them viable for delivery. Altra Health Inc. has successfully applied microencapsulation and nanoencapsulation to various molecules.

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Bioadhesive Gel Technology

Bioadhesive Gel Technology helps dosage forms readily localized in the region applied to improve and enhance the bioavailability of molecules, allows modification of tissue permeability for absorption of macromolecules, and prolongs the residence time of the dosage form at the site of application. Altra Health Inc. is able to apply this technology to multiple administration routes including buccal, sublingual, vaginal, rectal, nasal, ocular, GI, etc.

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Controlled Transdermal Release System

Controlled Transdermal Release System is designed to overcome the natural transport barrier of the skin. Altra Health Inc. has developed a synergistic system by employing multiple transdermal enhancement tools.